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With over 30 years of combined experience in coaching and therapy, Don and Barbara are no beginners. We meet you where you are, helping you to get to where you want to be.

"I recommend Barbara to anybody who is serious to increase their Human Potential and overcome Challenges in Life, forever, and that are looking for someone to support them Big Time in their Lives and in their business. Barbara has chalged my life and is a very strong support for me. Every minute spent with her is Gold Dust."

~ Angel Ribo, The CEO Confidant, Texas


from Manager to Chief ~ 6 months

{by application only, contact us for inquiries}

You have built a successful business and along the way you have honed your business skill, but have lost your passion and joy.

  • A 6 month program with 60 min sessions twice per month
  • Honor your journey and the milestones along the way
  • Harvest the gifts and embrace of who you have become
  • Re-define limiting beliefs and move through your fear to step into: Embracing leadership with wisdom
  • Re-Vision your role as leader and live a fulfilled life

Drawing from the resources of the award winning book Meetings in Moccasins

An Underworld Journey ~ 6 months

$2950 USD or Annual Pkg $5400 {1 month free}

You are a man who is in the midst of, or has just gone through a divorce or breakup. You are questioning who you are, where you are and having trouble imagining a future.

  • A 6 month program with 45 min sessions twice per month
  • Finding yourself in a sandstorm
  • Transmuting the grief and the wound into gifts that serve
  • Facing anger and shame
  • Finding purpose with the new you
  • Surfing the storms to find your new north

Using Don's experience as therapist, coach and his own underworld journey, we will travel this path together. Using Medicine Walks and other practices between our sessions to deepen the experience and find new insights.

"I am incredibly grateful for Don’s unwavering empathy, patience, and amazing ability to mirror back shifts in emotion.

One of the most unique things about Don’s coaching style is the way that he balances candor with compassion, excelling in his ability to offer openings and opportunities in the conversation, and still allowing whomever to choose which direction they want to explore.

I love and appreciate that Don holds me accountable to be honest with and respect myself, and the way that he has helped me open a window to see my strengths and identify ways I can and need to ‘show up for myself’, especially in times of stress or uncertainty.

I feel honored to know Don and to have him on my side as I ride this journey of life. I highly recommend him as a coach, a facilitator, and a supporter."

~ E.M, Idaho, USA

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