Walking Your Talk

Our Guiding Principles as Guides and Coaches

by Barbara Wittmann & Don Morse

Working with people holds a big responsibility for us. It takes extra care in tending to the relationship with our clients and also assuring, that we can provide the best experience for those who seek us out as their guide and coach.

Coaching has become a commodity term, that is used in all different ways. That is why it is important to us to take a moment to explain what it means to us and how we operate.

Coaching to us is all about exploring self. See what gems are hidden within and transforming obstacles into gifts and resources. We believe that we all deserve to live a happy life following our dreams and living our soul’s purpose. We know this does not come overnight. It is a process getting there that we help you walk.

We see our work as precious and are humbled to work with you as an individual, that is why we operate following our personal principles to be the best coach we can be.

1. As Coaches we believe in constant growth and development, that is why we always work with a coach ourselves to look at blind spots, limitations and shadows.

2. Our profession calls for a continuous honing of our skills, that is why we attend and advanced education program once per year to deepen aspects of our work and expand our toolset.

3. We know we can only fully be present for you as client when we are balanced ourselves. That is why we take selfcare seriously, take breaks in nature, and recharge.

4. We follow our daily spiritual practices to meet you centered and balanced whenever we speak.

5. We believe in the cycle of reciprocity and give a share of our earnings back to organizations we are in alignment with.

6. Ego is the biggest stumbling stone for Coaches. We are never the center of attention. We practice humility and remind ourselves daily that we are just a tool for something greater to work through us

7. We embrace the circular ways in our life and profession and honor beginnings and endings, as well as our natural rhythm.

8. Coaching to us is not a quick fix. Coaching is an ongoing tending to the soul and self. It is an ongoing strengthening and cleansing.

We cannot work miracles, but we are there for you. Walk with you. Be assured, that your journey is important to us. We see the light in you, even when you don‘t. We help you discover the wild inside and out.

Are you ready?

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