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Our Approach

What are the odds of meeting your soulmate in Death Valley?

That is where Don and Barbara met. On a visionquest in Death Valley, CA. Don was an assistant in the program and Barbara, a participant. Barbara keeps joking that he was the only guy out there between sand and rocks, but there was an instant and deep connection. We found deep love by doing this work we both love.

After individually spending decades in the business world and doing personal development work for ourselves and others we couldn’t help but ask one important question: What is the synthesis when these two worlds merge? From this, Sage Seeker was born.

Our Story

Together we have embarked on a journey to integrate old ways into today’s world. The award-winning book “Meetings in Moccasins” was Barbara’s vision and the concept was integrated into Barbara’s IT Consulting business, growing it to 7 digits annual revenue. Sage Seeker is a merging of all our experiences and knowledge to bring what we know to Leaders and Business Owners. Transforming Them and thus Transforming the World.

Meet Our Team

“Don allows for messy and raw and opens up participants in a playful way. Barbara is a strong guiding energy who gives structure and makes people feel safe. Together they are the secret sauce and encourage participants to embrace their journey and dive deep.” ~ a client leader

Barbara Wittmann Sage Seeker CO

Barbara Wittmann

Chief Sage Seeker

Barbara Wittmann is a passionate entrepreneur and has built three successful IT companies in her over 10 years of entrepreneurship. With increasing success and declining time for herself, she was looking for sustainable concepts for leadership and growth. This search has led her into the wilderness and the old knowledge of indigenous cultures. She has been coaching C-Level Executives worldwide using these principles since 2008. Based on her bestselling award-winning book "Meetings in Moccasins", she gives lectures, seminars and leads visionquests worldwide. Barbara, a native of Germany, lives with her husband Don in Colorado.

Don Morse Sage Seeker CO

Don Morse

Chief Sage Seeker

Don Morse, MA is a gifted Coach that has been involved in the outdoors for over thirty years. He has been building, training and running Challenge Courses and Ziplines throughout the US. He spent 25 years in the mental health field where he was a Senior Level Psychotherapist working with extremely challenging youth and their families. In addition, he spent over 25 years on volunteer fire departments holding the rank of Lieutenant and Cardiac EMT. Before starting his own Coaching Business, he held the position of Chief People Person at an Investment Company located in Oregon. He also lives in Colorado with his wife, Barbara, the other half of this amazing guide team.

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