Wild Places Within and Out

We know that by tapping into the old ways and integrating them into today's world, this creates a life honoring the natural rhythms, living in harmony and abundance.

By knowing your past, you fully embrace the present, and the future becomes a place were we use our gifts fully to transform the world. We use Sage as a plant in our ceremonial work for cleansing, healing and honoring the old ways and all our relations, so we can embody Sage within, the wise one through reflection and experience.

At Sage Seeker we utilize Coaching, Ceremony, Ancient Wisdom and Nature in our work with individuals and groups. We believe that outer wilderness is a mirror for our inner wilderness. By embracing the idea of the mirror, it allows us to go deep and find an expanded sense of beauty.

After spending decades in the business world and doing personal development work for ourselves and others, we couldn’t help but ask one important question: What is the synthesis when these two worlds merge? From this, Sage Seeker was born.

We both embarked on a journey to integrate old ways into today's world. The award winning book “Meetings in Moccasins” was birthed and the concept was integrated into Barbara's IT Consulting business, growing it to 7 digits annual revenue. Sage Seeker is a merging of all our experiences and knowledge to bring what we know to Leaders and Business Owners. Transforming Them and thus Transforming the World.

3 Day Experience ~ from Linear to Circular

Using Natural Cycles for Business and Personal Growth

Something isn’t quite right in our businesses: email inboxes are spilling over, mobiles are ringing far after closing time, and the hamster wheel is turning faster and faster in every aspect of life. As to whether it has to be this way and why ~ no one really knows anymore.

It is time to rethink and to return. It's time for new, old ways.

10 Day Experience ~ VisionQuest

A VisionQuest for Thought Leaders {by application invite only}

You are successful in your working life and have built up a reputation as trailblazer, a thought leader in your industry with great courage, insight, energy, and dedication. You are at a point now where there is a calling for more.

Even with all your success and experiences, you ask yourself: how do I take my work to an even deeper meaning?

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