3 Day in Person Nature Immersion Experience

from Linear to Circular: Using Natural Cycles for Business and Personal Growth

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Do You Feel It Too?

There is a need for leaders with soul – leaders who know how natural cycles and healthy growth really work. Before complex management theories became our business standards, nature was taken as main model for sustainable growth. We as people matched its rhythm.

It is time for new, old ways.

1:1 Virtual MedicineWalk Sage Seeker CO Barbara Wittmann Don Morse
Learn how to tell & listen to stories. Innovate & create change. Sage Seeker CO Barbara Wittmann Don Morse

How will this impact our business?

We believe companies can help change the world by bringing back old traditions into daily business. The key ingredient towards this change is to learn how to tell and how to listen to stories. It's about learning how to use the collective mind to innovate & to create. Quarterly results become more than bare numbers, they become a development stage in authentic leadership & sustainable business development.

What will be covered?

In an interactive and nature-based training we will cover…

  • The Power of Story for individuals & groups
  • The Art of Connection – ways towards a collective mind
  • The Importance of Beginnings and Endings – honoring the cycles
  • Finding your Rhythm – connecting with your soul
The power of story & connection. Sage Seeker CO Barbara Wittmann Don Morse
how inner & outer landscapes mirror each other. Sage Seeker CO Barbara Wittmann Don Morse

So what will we get out of this experience?

  • Recognizing the inner and outer landscapes and how they mirror each other
  • The art of deep listening and soulful communication for a modern age
  • Simple daily practices to connect with self and others
  • Creating endings with grace

Who is this for?

This Workshop is ideal for business owners and those who manage & lead teams.

Our workshop has a basic outline and is co-created weaving in your experiences, questions and insights. We love people who are open and curious to learn more about how to bring more soul into what they do.

business owners, managers who lead teams. Sage Seeker CO Barbara Wittmann Don Morse

UpComing Events!

October 2020

Linear to Circular {3 Days}: Loveland, CO. Max Participants: 10

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